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Sweet Recipes and Muffin Recipe

'Sweets' is a term that covers a boundless array of desserts. From the simple chocolate to the more sophisticated cultural specialties all aim to enchant our taste and grant our life with a blissful culinary experience. Though some might be reluctant to experiment with brand new and homemade sweets recipes and would rather raid the local store for some treat, it is still highly recommended to skim through the multitude of sweets that can be prepared right in our kitchen without spending a fortune on the package, design and brand. Moreover this is the ultimate guarantee that healthy and nutritive ingredients get into the bowl rather than additives and artificial elements.

People who keep their health as a primary value might think of swapping the appearance for some 'grandma' style gourmet delicatessen. Sweets recipes aim to revolutionize boring baking and cooking. There are other creative ideas that can preserve the traditions still offer us an overwhelming and appetizing experience. Puddings, fruit sweets as well as ice cream and pancakes all will boost our mood and the boring weekdays as well as mesmerize everyone regardless of age.


Sweets RecipesBoth adults and kids are keen to explore the parade of aromas and delightful flavors that don't require a sophisticated mastery and special ingredients. Besides the taste you'll be able to control the content, healthy treats are essential in order to enhance the healthy growth and development of all body functions. Pair your spotless health condition with heavenly low calorie desserts and alluring sweets.

Sweets Types

Ranging from the traditional and most sought-after sweets to the exotic and intense aromas, sweets recipes will line up an infinite selection of cake-, fruit- as well as milk-based treats that are both healthy and extremely taste-pleasing. In order to know what are your basic options feel free to skim through the basic sweets types that were polished and perfected all throughout the decades and centuries both by professional confectioners as well as  skilled housewives.

Puddings: A real attraction for both adults and kids, pudding as one of the most popular and simple-to-prepare milk-based desserts conquered the world with its soft and light texture. The creamy texture is given by the milk and sugar composition which is further thickened by gelatin or rice as well as eggs.

Stored in cold place, these are mainly served when cooled down. Chocolate, vanilla as well as other fruity flavors make it one of the most universal desserts that managed to enter the cuisine of all cultures in various forms.

Mousse: As one of the twin sweets of pudding, mousse resembles in texture and even taste with its co-treat. Prepared from cream and egg with additional fruits or chocolate these recruited millions of fans all over the world. French restaurants offer this gourmet bliss as one of the specialties. Whether you want it to be fluffy or would rather prefer it thick and indulgent, you'll be able to use the basic techniques in order to define the texture to suit your personal taste.

Ice Cream and Sorbet: These frozen desserts are perfect to offer us a refreshing experience during the hot season. Sorbets using mainly flavored water either fruit puree or juice as well as chocolate as the basic ingredients. These delicious juices are frozen and served as a dessert or between two courses as a perfect appetizer. Ice creams on the other hand appeal to cream and basically milk to create the creamy texture. The aroma is often given artificially, however it can be also done through natural fruits and juices.

Truffles: Most commonly prepared using chocolate as the main ingredient. Additionally in order to thicken the texture for the textbook style truffles we should add butter and cream. Using a professional processor we'll be able to perfectly blend all these elements into a creamy mixture. Finally it is poured into cups and served either with fruits or plain as a delicious dessert. Some might also prepare tiny balls when the mixture perfectly cooled down.

There are plenty of ways to banish the grayness of weekdays with delicious desserts. Those who like to spend more time in their kitchen will be pleased to enrich their culinary knowledge with sweets recipes that aim to guide you through perfection both your decorating as well as baking skills. Enjoy the 'savoir' and finesse of creamy and fluffy fruit and chocolate desserts for an unmemorable experience.

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